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Event Name: What one thing will help more small businesses survive Covid-19?

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What one thing do small businesses need to do to survive COVID-19? Evolve their business models quickly. PHOENIX is proven to help.

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Most small businesses need to evolve their operating systems right now if they hope to survive COVID-19 and the economic turmoil it is causing.

But there’s a problem: cash is tight, you don’t know where to start, no one has given you a plan, you feel the clock ticking, what you’re going is not working, and there’s information overload.

We understand what it’s like to fight for the survival of your business. PHOENIX has everything small business owners need to evolve their business models quickly and build stronger, healthier, systems-driven businesses.

And all for a fraction of the cost of other business operating systems.

In this free webinar, you’ll learn why some of the most respected minds in business are saying that business operating systems are critical to the survival of small business and how you can jump-start the implementation of PHOENIX.

Come Prepared:

Please be on time, in a quiet place and have your learning tools ready (headphones, paper, pen, notebook, etc). This webinar is designed to be half instruction and half interactive workshop so there will be time for you to work directly on the plans for your own project or business.

About Your Instructor:

In nearly 20 years of working with business owners and entrepreneurs, Kevin Gyolai has found that excellence in operations is what sets business owners free and gives them the time to do more of what feeds their soul. He is a master business systems integrator, founder of Gyolai Consulting, and the pioneer of PHOENIX, a business operating system designed to help small businesses operate more effectively and make more money. Kevin has worked with companies ranging from tiny startups to national brands and is currently offering free online business courses to business owners, entrepreneurs, or anyone looking to improve their business skills.

Location: Online / Virtual Event

Price: Free

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